Labiaplasty From The Eyes Of An Expert

Labiaplasty or labia correction refers to a surgical procedure through which the appearance of the labia is improved. The procedure normally covers the labia minora. The labia is the piece of flesh that covers and seals the vaginal opening. Its main aim is to protect the vagina from drying out as well as against mechanical damage from foreign substances and pathogens. On the other hand, the labia minora which is an equivalent of the male foreskin is the inner vaginal lips that extends from the mons pubis and runs towards the anus. It covers the clitoris and the vaginal opening. In this article, we shall look at some of the pertinent information provided by Sensulmedics on this crucial procedure. Causes of Different Appearances of the Labia The labia may take different shapes, some of which may not be a cause for concern and others that may be associated with a genital condition. Generally, Prof. Dr. Gress from Sensualmedics says there are various anatomical differences of female genitalia that are responsible for these shapes. The following are some of the factors that may lead to a distorted shape of the labia, Weak tissue, Genetic factors, Age-related changes, Hormonal influences, Functional problems such as pain occasioned by wearing tight-fitting attire, invagination of the labia minora during sexual intercourse, certain sporting activities such as cycling and horse riding and hygienic issues. The above-discussed reasons are some of the major cause for a labiaplasty, though another cause is psychological distress. Problems Associated With Abnormally Shaped Labia Minora Very long labia minora often result in a condition known as labial hypertrophy which means they are no longer covered by the labia majora. This leaves them exposed and susceptible to mechanical damage, poor vaginal hygiene and attack by foreign bodies and pathogens. Surgical Techniques Involved There are very many surgical techniques prescribed for labiplasty. The choice of one depends on the extent of the anomaly that needs correction. The following are some of the techniques. Composite reduction labiaplasty that involves the reduction of the labia minora in all the three sections, correction of the clitoral position in case of clitoral protrusion and upward tightening of the clitoral hood. Vreduction of the labia minora in all sections, Reduction of the labia minora in all the three sections with correction of the clitoral position, Reduction of the labia minora in all sections without the correction of the clitoral position, Reduction of the labia minora only in the are below the clitoris. It is important to note that Labiaplasty by Prof. Dr. Gress is indeed one of the best procedures, especially if you need to find out the best techniques for you. The Procedure The procedure starts with the administration of a local anesthetic, after which exact measurement is taken to determine the extent of skin and tissue that needs removal. What follows this is the use of radioactive surgical device for precise cutting and minimal bleeding. The wound edges are then closed carefully to minimize bleeding. After the surgery, you are required to stay put for about 3 days before you can resume much of your normal activities. It is advisable that you wear tight panties to offer protection from mechanical damage of your genital area. Some common side effects and risks include swelling, bleeding and pain around the genital area. There may also be bleeding, sensory disturbances and other minor symptoms. In case there is anything else out of the ordinary, it is recommended you seek prompt medical attention. To touch on the price, it is important to note the cost will be determined by several variables such as the patients health condition, the extent of surgery etc. However, the cost of a labiaplasty is around EUR 1,900 and EUR 3,800. Some Common Questions Q- What intimate hygiene is best for me after surgery A It is recommended you take a shower only after two days and use only water for a period of one week as well as pH-neutral products. Q – Are scar creams recommended A- They are not recommended since genital scars heal rather quickly. Q- Does labia reduction have an impact on giving birth A-Absolutely not. The surgery does not affect child birth, neither does child birth affect the success of the surgery. Q- What kind of clothing is advisable A-A firm pair of panties is recommended on the surgery day and then immediately after the first day of the surgery, you should go back to your normal clothing. Q- When can I start shaving again A-The genital area should be shaved before the procedure and should not be shaved for about 6 weeks after the procedure, and neither should it be waxed for the same period. Q-What about sex A-Sexual intercourse should be avoided within the first 6 weeks after the surgery. However, you can have oral sex after 4 weeks of the surgery. Q- Can the procedure be performed during menstruation A-Menstruation is not so much a problem as wearing tampons is. While you can have the procedure even during your periods, tampons are prohibited for at least 4 weeks as they may open up the wounds at the edges. Conclusion Labiaplasty is a procedure that requires the advice and hands of a professional in order to be successful. For further information, feel free to contact Prof. Dr. Gress. Author’s Bio: I am a content writer and blogger. I love to write on healthcare, travel, food, technologies, sports, etc. I have a passion for beauty, and skin care products. 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